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Peter's Life (Part-2) - Disciple Simon Became the Apostle Peter !!

  Continued from the previous article ......... Jesus had seen Simon (Peter) as the “rock” from their first meeting and also Peter’s importance comes from his close association with Jesus during his mortal ministry and his prominence among the Twelve as the chief Apostle.  After Jesus’ ascension into heaven, having been restored and forgiven by the Lord, Peter becomes the spokesman for the apostles. Being an unschooled man spoke with boldness to crowds of thousands, bringing them the Good News and converting them to Christianity. While Peter was travelling & ministering for God’s Kingdom, he performed many miracles including bringing the dead back to life . He travelled all over sharing Jesus’ message , enduring persecution, imprisonment, and ultimately death, showing his maturity by living a Spirit-led life.  THE MISSIONARY JOURNEY OF PETER Jerusalem to City in Samaria & Returns back to Jerusalem: Peter goes to a city in samaria from Jerusalem.  There we see that Peter exper

Peter's Life - Before CHRIST and With CHRIST

  The Apostle Peter is one of the greatest redemption stories mentioned in the Bible which shows the transformation of LIFE BEFORE CHRIST, WITH CHRIST and Transition from Being the Disciple to The Apostle .  Peter’s Life Before Christ:  Peter was born about 1 B.C and died sometime around A.D 67. He was the son of Jonah and was the brother of Andrew, who was a Galilean fisherman. Peter comes  from the village of Bethsaida ( John 1:44) . He was a Married ( Mark 1:30 ), Uneducated and Untrained man ( Acts 4:13 ). He was originally named Simon ( Jesus had changed name as Peter ). Simon is a common name, from Hebrew שִׁמְעוֹן Šimʻôn , meaning " listen " or " hearing ".   The fishermen of those days were usually considered mainly full of vigour and had boisterous tempers. They must have been somewhat fearless too because of the storms that come upon the Sea of Galilee were fierce and furious. There was a rough life, since fishing was a very physically demanding job.