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Fearless women in the Bible - Hannah | Ruth | Esther

  A fearless woman is strong when it comes to facing hard situations. They are confident in who they are and what they believe in. Here are the few important women in the Bible who inspire, not only because of how they lived but also because of their rock-solid faith, even in some of the toughest of circumstances. We can learn a great deal from their stories: ●         Hannah: Hannah is one of the most inspiring women and we recognize her for her sorrow in the Bible. She wanted a child so badly but was barren. She went through the bitter experiences, wept much and prayed to God (1:10) and made a vow (1:11) She believed with a strong faith that God would hear her prayer (1:18) which she was received (1:20) and she has fulfilled her promise by leaving her son at the Temple to serve and grow there.(1:28). Her son later grew up to be one of the most influential and Godly figures in the Bible. One of the most inspiring things about Hannah is the fact that she never gave up hope th

Characteristics of The Virtuous Woman

What does it mean to be The Virtuous Woman? Proverbs 31:10-31 tells us that the Virtuous woman is hard to find, she is rare tressure and more precious than rubies. A True woman of God is a True Worshipper of God . It shows through her words her actions and yes, even the way she dresses. She is strong, faithful, submissive, modest, and she sticks to her truth.  While reading this passage we see few main CHARACTERSTICS OF THE VIRTUOUS WOMAN:    She is Precious and Valuable. (31: 10) She is more worthy than rubies and diamonds. Just like such precious stones, she is just as beautiful as they are which shapes and strengthens her till the eternal.  She is Loyal and Perfect. (31: 11-12) She puts her family member’s heart at ease (peaceful). Everyone trusts in her and her abilities because of the trust she gained from them. She is praised for her character, her faith, her words, and her good works. She is a humble woman who lifts up others and not herself.  She is Hard worker and Provisio