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What is the Covenant of Salt in the Bible ?

Salt is understood to be the most preservative mineral which is know for its endurance symbolically. When God makes use of this metaphor, He is urging us to be faithful despite however circumstances appear on the earth because of his word which is absolutely sure like himself. The meaning of a salt covenant is an agreement that is meant to endure regardless of the circumstances. This type of covenant was an ancient symbol of unbreakable friendships and alliances that were to be preserved. Such agreements are solid, unbreakable and everlasting. We see this phrase "covenant of salt" mentioned only three times in the Bible i.e., (Numbers 18:19, 2 Chronicles 13:5 and Leviticus 2 :13 in ESV ).  In some translations it is mentioned as an “ unbreakable covenant ”.  Even though we read about it very few times, This covenant teaches us a lot about how we need to stand firm in every circumstance with faith.  As we know the story of Israllites, Grumbling was a common occurrence during