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The Mysterious Childhood of King David - Unknown Facts

  KING DAVID'S CHILDHOOD We see in the book of psalms by David, few chapters were written with lot of depression & calling for help.   Have we ever thought about it what could be the situation behind it? Why it is always King David feel so alone, so disgraced, and so undeserving of love and friendship? We don’t have a proper scriptures on David’s childhood in the Bible but history has it, that he was born under controversial circumstances. From historical source, we now know that he was born to Jesse by his wife Nitzevet , a name which is not mentioned in the Bible but which nevertheless was real. Jesse (Yishai) who has served as the head of the Sanhedrin (supreme court of Torah law), and one of the most notable leaders of his generation. At a stage in his life, he came to realize that, he was not qualified to marry Nitzevet since she was not from the same tradition. As a member of the judiciary, he believed that he had the moral duty to redress the situation even though sh