Characteristics of The Virtuous Woman

What does it mean to be The Virtuous Woman?

Proverbs 31:10-31 tells us that the Virtuous woman is hard to find, she is rare tressure and more precious than rubies. A True woman of God is a True Worshipper of God. It shows through her words her actions and yes, even the way she dresses. She is strong, faithful, submissive, modest, and she sticks to her truth. 

While reading this passage we see few main CHARACTERSTICS OF THE VIRTUOUS WOMAN: 

  1.  She is Precious and Valuable. (31: 10) She is more worthy than rubies and diamonds. Just like such precious stones, she is just as beautiful as they are which shapes and strengthens her till the eternal. 

  1. She is Loyal and Perfect. (31: 11-12) She puts her family member’s heart at ease (peaceful). Everyone trusts in her and her abilities because of the trust she gained from them. She is praised for her character, her faith, her words, and her good works. She is a humble woman who lifts up others and not herself. 

  1. She is Hard worker and Provisional. (31: 14-15) “She also rises while it is yet night.” The virtuous woman is highly dedicated to her work and loves good always and starts her day very early in the morning. The virtuous woman, as the man’s helper (Gen. 2:18-22), helps her husband to provide the things required for the complete household.  

  1. She is Clever and Strong. (31: 16-17) A woman of virtue plans very wisely and She is considerate, conscientious, and thoughtful. She asks God to intervene in her decision making so that she can walk in a righteous path and to follow his will.

“From her profits she plants a vineyard.” She is even rewarded for her wise choices.


  1. She is Optimistic and Kind-hearted. (31:25 -26) She knows her worth and she uses her talents to serve God and She keeps God first in her life above all else. She is generous and has a huge heart for the needy and She is a reflection of God’s heart; She encourages, uplifts, and inspires others. 

  1. She is Rare and God-Fearing. (31: 29-30) She stands out like a rare diamond because of her creativity, hard work & commitment.  Being God-fearing is one of the most dynamic characteristic of a woman of God. It’s not she is favourable or beautiful but she has a relationship with the Lord, and that made virtuous woman Stunning. 

The standard of a Virtuous Woman is the perfect one and we need to try to be the best woman of God that we can possibly be. But our vision should be to get as close as to stay in touch with the Lord every day by praying and reading the word of God.

In every way we learn from this passage to be PERFECT encouraging one another. 


  1. A perfect description of goddess can be….however we are around them only 😇


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