Peter's Life (Part-2) - Disciple Simon Became the Apostle Peter !!

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Jesus had seen Simon (Peter) as the “rock” from their first meeting and also Peter’s importance comes from his close association with Jesus during his mortal ministry and his prominence among the Twelve as the chief Apostle. 

After Jesus’ ascension into heaven, having been restored and forgiven by the Lord, Peter becomes the spokesman for the apostles. Being an unschooled man spoke with boldness to crowds of thousands, bringing them the Good News and converting them to Christianity.

While Peter was travelling & ministering for God’s Kingdom, he performed many miracles including bringing the dead back to life. He travelled all over sharing Jesus’ message, enduring persecution, imprisonment, and ultimately death, showing his maturity by living a Spirit-led life. 


  1. Jerusalem to City in Samaria & Returns back to Jerusalem:

Peter goes to a city in samaria from Jerusalem.  There we see that Peter experiences the revival and then returns to Jerusalem slowly preaching in various Samarian villages along the way (Acts 8: 14-25).

  1. Lydda, Joppa, and Caesarea 

Lydda: Later, Peter visits the believers in Lydda & heals Aeneas who has been bedridden and was paralyzed  for 8 years. (Acts : 9:32-35).

Joppa:  Also peter was called to Joppa where Tabitha (‘Dorcas’ in Greek’) one of the believer, has died. We see where Peter prays for her, and the dead woman comes back to life.(Acts : 9:36)

Caesarea:  Later, Peter travels to Caesarea and shares the Good News of Jesus’s death and resurrection with Cornelius’s (Gentile)  family and friends. 

As peter began to speak, the  Holy Spirit fell upon them and the six Jewish believers from Joppa  were also amazed that God has poured out his Spirit on the Gentiles – Because of Peter’s faithfulness, the Jewish Christians responded by having “no further objections and praised God by saying, ‘So then, even to the Gentiles God has granted repentance that leads to life.’” (Acts 11:18).

  1. Antioch to Corinth:

  • Shortly after the Council of Jerusalem, Peter meets Paul in Antioch where Paul accuses Peter of changing his mind and withdrawing from eating with Gentiles (Cornelius family & friends). However, much to Peter’s credit, he evidently took Paul’s correction well and repented of that. (Gal. 2:11-14). 

  • Later, When Paul writes to the Corinthian believers, some believers in Corinth claim to follow Peter, while others claim to follow Paul or Apollos (1 Cor. 1:12). Meanwhile,  It is assumed that Peter may have escaped to Corinth during this  tenure, Which believed theologically.

  1. From Rome _ Writes Epistles:

  • In support of this, Peter writes the 1st epistle to the Christians in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia, Issuing stark warnings against corrupt teachers and encouraging  believers to hold fast to their hope in God and the new creation and emphasizing  the role of apostles as chosen by God to share his Gospel. (1 Pet. 1:1). 

  • Peter writes the 2nd Epistle from Rome, encouraging  his readers to apply themselves the true knowledge of God and living out the life of faith with “all diligence,” so that they may “be found by [Jesus] in peace, spotless and blameless” (1:5; 3:14). 

  1. Peter Was Martyred

Later In Rome, where he has been imprisoned and is about to be executed. (2 Pet. 1:14-15). Peter was given the choice of how he should die ? Then Peter said, “I’d like to be crucified up-side-down because I am unworthy to die as my Lord died.”

The Scriptures do not record this request of Peter. However, John 21:16, 19 alludes to the fact that Peter would die a martyr’s death.

Looking at these Five Missionary Journeys we see the Miracles performed by Peter, The hardships of Peter, How Peter corrected himself and repented for it ?.  Also we see the progress of the church from Jerusalem to Samaria, to Lydda,Joppa,Caesarea, to Corinth  and finally to Rome. 

Moral : 

Isn’t it amazing? 

Who would have expected Peter to  become a primary example of rock-solid conversion ?  Who would have expected Peter  to become one of the world’s greatest teachers of love, hope, humility and respect for and submission to authority?

Spiritual conversion requires the greatest miracle of all, GOD’S WORD IS REASSURING.

If people like Peter and Paul could become deeply converted, then we know there is hope for all the rest of us.


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